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Biogas Palm Oil
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07 May 2018
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Rising LPG Gas prices make us realize that the fuel is mined from the bowels of the earth will gradually run out. Oil palm biogas is a source of renewable energy that does not cause environmental pollution and is very beneficial for large industries such as power generation to household. Biogas is more environmentally friendly than fuel. The combustion will produce carbon dioxide and water. These two gases are the same as those released from the human nose. Compare with BBM which causes a lot of air pollution.

Renewable energy

Biogas that is known to the public is mostly generated from the processing of manure or human waste. Actually oil palm can also produce renewable energy as well. This type of energy is the main component of CH4 gas or called methane gas, actually have started to benefit since several decades ago, but not widely used community, called oil palm biogas. The advantages are:

- Get energy at a low price
- Has availability of sustainable power supply
- Get the image as a green company
- Helping governments reduce environmental pollution and mitigation
  global warming

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