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26 Sep 2017
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In a palm oil factory the boiler is the heart, has a vital function as a means to produce water vapor, which will be used for heating or propulsion. Where this machine is the source of energy and sources of steam that will be used to process oil palm. Oil palm mill boilers are an energy conversion tool that converts water to steam by heating and the hot water required for evaporation is obtained from fuel combustion in the boiler combustion chamber. The resulting vapor can be used on any equipment that requires steam in an oil palm plant, especially turbines.

Boilers have the advantage to use a variety of fuels so that it is not fixated on one type of fuel only. Today the boiler uses waste from the processing of oil palm itself as a palm shell, no longer a waste as before. Boilers are made of the highest quality wrought iron, which is assembled using a rivet. High quality of sheets and suitability for high reliability are used in critical applications, such as high-pressure boilers. Cast iron is used for heating vessels for water heaters.

PT. Kharismapratama Abadisejatindo ready to serve all your needs for the needs of your palm oil processing plant. One of our production tools is high quality palm oil mill boilers.

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