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Ripple Mill CB Modipalm Nut Cracker
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26 Sep 2017
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Specification of

Is one of the plantation machinery that has the function to break the seeds where the shell will break and obtained the production of kernels. This machine works by rotating the rotor on the silent part, then the seeds enter between the rotor so that it collides with each other and breaks the shell from the core. By using this ripple mill, then all the process of breaking the beans to be more efficient and get the same results.

CB Modipalm Nut Cracker works by the method of seeds that enter through the rotor will experience centrifugal force (away from the center of rotation), so the seeds out of the rotor and slammed strongly causing the shell broke. The Ripple Mill has standardization:

- Screw Press P10, P15 And P20
- Digester 3000 L, 3500 L, 4000 L, 5000 L
- King Cracker / Ripple Mill (4T, 6T, 8T, 10T)
- Rotary Brush Strainer
- Sludge Centrifuge 3000, 6000, Nsc 8000, Nsc 10000
- Vacuum Oil Drier
- Carriage transfer
- Spareparts & Services

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