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Palm Oil Mill Sterilizer Door
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26 Sep 2017
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Sterilizer Mills

Is one of the machines that are in the work station of palm oil processing plant which is a pressure vessel that uses vapor (steam) with a pressure of about 3.0 kg / cm2, where steam is used to boil the oil palm fruit in the fresh fruit bunches ( FFB). Make sure the machine parts of each processing machine is available and works well for smooth running of production processes. Sterilizer mills there are two kinds: vertical and horizontal.

Stew Door Mills

Is one of the machine parts Sterilizer palm oil mill that serves as a cover when the boiling process is done. The purpose of boiling that: the process of development of stalled free fatty acid levels, reduce the water content, fiber and palm kernel release, releasing bunches of fruit, as well as soften the mesocarp layer.

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