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PT. Kharismapratama Abadisejatindo

DEMAG Crane Spare Parts
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Sell DEMAG Crane Spare Parts

Specification of DEMAG Crane Spare Parts

DEMAG Crane Spare Parts

Salam Kenal,

PT. Kharismapratama Abadisejatindo Are Distributors For Mcc, Machine Standing date 21 September 1993 and we serve:

  • A. Industrial Agribusiness, Such As: Factory Oil Palm/Mcc), Machine Factory Kernel (Pko Machine),
  • B. General Industries Such As Steel Mills, abrik:P Plywood, Ice Factory, Etc.

Yg Brand We Sell

1. Cb-Modipalm Brand





2. Brand Khun Heng-Ykl:

ch Press

3. Brand Pmt

4. Brand Wang Yuen


5. Brand Timbmet

6. Brand Holy

7. Brand East Force

8. Brand AutotechNG >


9. Brand Max

10. Brand Oberon

11. the Swf Krantechnik-Brand:

12. Brand: Demag

13. the Konecranes Brand:

14. Brand Supercut:


15. Brand Dnr Poims:

For General Industry, That We Offer Are:

e Girder Crane)-brand: Demag, Kone, Swf Krantechnik.

In Addition To This, We Are Also Doing A Service To The Field And After-sales Service.

Organizational Structure

Our Company Is Backed By Workers Who Are Trained, Competent In Technical Issues, Supported By Administrative Staff Reply Reliable With Its Head Office In Medan.

8 reasons for Choosing us:

It is from 1978

After Sales Service:

    • The Screw Press, P15 P20 And P10
    • Typical analysis for digester 3000 L, 3500 L, 4000 L, 5000 L
    • King Cracker/Ripple Mill (4 T, 6 T, 8T, 10T)
    • Rotary Brush Typical Analysis For Strainer
    • Sludge Centrifuge 3000, 6000, 8000 Nsc, Nsc 10000
    • Oil Vacuum Drier
    • Transfer Carriage
    • Taking & Services
    • Empty Bunch Shredder Machine
    • Empty Bun
    • Ffb Splitter Machine, Crusher Bunch
    • Palm Kernel Oil & Machine (The Machine Press The Kernel)
    • (Expeller, Hammer Mill, Filter Press)
    • Spare Parts Service &
    • Sand Cyclone
    • Vibrating Screen
    • Oil Vacuum Dryer
    • Sterilizer Door
    • Taking & S
    • Super Cracker
    • Vibro Vibrating Screen (Single Deck Double &)
    • Spare Parts Service &
    • Turner Machine For Composting
    • Fan And Heater
    • Bpv Automation And Steriliser Automation
    • Chain And Sprocket
    • High Quality Lubricant And Grease (Heavy Duty)
    • Electric Overhead Traveling Crane
    • Hoist
    • Palm Oil Crane
    • Spare Parts Service &
    • Gondola
    • Crane/& Hoistsparepart Service
    • Electric Overhead Traveling Crane
    • Hoist
    • Spare Parts Service &
      • Oil Palm Crop Tool (Egrek, Dodos, Nets, Etc.)
      • Monitoring Software Cpo Tanks, Silos, Kernel Maintenance Machinery Factory
      • Software Palm Plantations
      1. 1. the Hoist And Crane (Wire Rope Hoist, Chain Hoist, Crab Trolley, Explosion Proof Crane For The Single Girder Monorail/Track/Doubl
      • 2. the Gondola (Building Maintenance System)
      1. Experience In The Industry Saw
      • Trusted For supplying the Brand's famous Palm Industry such as: Cb, Wang Yuen, Khun Heng, Demag (Since 1978), Swf Krantechnik, Konecranes, Holy, Univessel.
      • Supported By Technicians Who Are Experienced
      • Trusted For Mensuply Machines In Large Group Group
      • Supported After Sales Service (Inspection Service, Service
      • Contracts, On-Call Service, Training Service, General Overhaul, Supervise And Installation)
      • Provide Upgrading & Ref
      • urbishment Service
      • Provides Information, Presentation, Enquiry For New Invention Product (I.E. Registered & Patent Right Ffb Splitter & Trade;, New System Of Cranes, Palm Oil Etc)
      • Ready Stock Taking (Worm Screw, Press Cage, The Sterilizer Door
      • Packing, Repair/Recondition Sterilizer Door, Re-Meshing Vibrating Screen (20 ', 30 ', 40 '), Nozzle For Centrifuge, Rotor Bar, Ripple

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