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Wirerope for Hoist
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27 Oct 2020
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Wirerope for Hoist

Salam Kenal,

PT. Kharismapratama Abadisejatindo Are Distributors For Mcc, Machine Standing date 21 September 1993 and we serve:

  • A. Industrial Agribusiness, Such As: Factory Oil Palm/Mcc), Machine Factory Kernel (Pko Machine),
  • B. General Industries Such As Steel Mills, abrik:P Plywood, Ice Factory, Etc.

Yg Brand We Sell

1. Cb-Modipalm Brand





2. Brand Khun Heng-Ykl:

ch Press

3. Brand Pmt

4. Brand Wang Yuen


5. Brand Timbmet

6. Brand Holy

7. Brand East Force

8. Brand AutotechNG >


9. Brand Max

10. Brand Oberon

11. the Swf Krantechnik-Brand:

12. Brand: Demag

13. the Konecranes Brand:

14. Brand Supercut:


15. Brand Dnr Poims:

For General Industry, That We Offer Are:

e Girder Crane)-brand: Demag, Kone, Swf Krantechnik.

In Addition To This, We Are Also Doing A Service To The Field And After-sales Service.

Organizational Structure

Our Company Is Backed By Workers Who Are Trained, Competent In Technical Issues, Supported By Administrative Staff Reply Reliable With Its Head Office In Medan.

8 reasons for Choosing us:

It is from 1978

After Sales Service:

    • The Screw Press, P15 P20 And P10
    • Typical analysis for digester 3000 L, 3500 L, 4000 L, 5000 L
    • King Cracker/Ripple Mill (4 T, 6 T, 8T, 10T)
    • Rotary Brush Typical Analysis For Strainer
    • Sludge Centrifuge 3000, 6000, 8000 Nsc, Nsc 10000
    • Oil Vacuum Drier
    • Transfer Carriage
    • Taking & Services
    • Empty Bunch Shredder Machine
    • Empty Bun
    • Ffb Splitter Machine, Crusher Bunch
    • Palm Kernel Oil & Machine (The Machine Press The Kernel)
    • (Expeller, Hammer Mill, Filter Press)
    • Spare Parts Service &
    • Sand Cyclone
    • Vibrating Screen
    • Oil Vacuum Dryer
    • Sterilizer Door
    • Taking & S
    • Super Cracker
    • Vibro Vibrating Screen (Single Deck Double &)
    • Spare Parts Service &
    • Turner Machine For Composting
    • Fan And Heater
    • Bpv Automation And Steriliser Automation
    • Chain And Sprocket
    • High Quality Lubricant And Grease (Heavy Duty)
    • Electric Overhead Traveling Crane
    • Hoist
    • Palm Oil Crane
    • Spare Parts Service &
    • Gondola
    • Crane/& Hoistsparepart Service
    • Electric Overhead Traveling Crane
    • Hoist
    • Spare Parts Service &
      • Oil Palm Crop Tool (Egrek, Dodos, Nets, Etc.)
      • Monitoring Software Cpo Tanks, Silos, Kernel Maintenance Machinery Factory
      • Software Palm Plantations
      1. 1. the Hoist And Crane (Wire Rope Hoist, Chain Hoist, Crab Trolley, Explosion Proof Crane For The Single Girder Monorail/Track/Doubl
      • 2. the Gondola (Building Maintenance System)
      1. Experience In The Industry Saw
      • Trusted For supplying the Brand's famous Palm Industry such as: Cb, Wang Yuen, Khun Heng, Demag (Since 1978), Swf Krantechnik, Konecranes, Holy, Univessel.
      • Supported By Technicians Who Are Experienced
      • Trusted For Mensuply Machines In Large Group Group
      • Supported After Sales Service (Inspection Service, Service
      • Contracts, On-Call Service, Training Service, General Overhaul, Supervise And Installation)
      • Provide Upgrading & Ref
      • urbishment Service
      • Provides Information, Presentation, Enquiry For New Invention Product (I.E. Registered & Patent Right Ffb Splitter & Trade;, New System Of Cranes, Palm Oil Etc)
      • Ready Stock Taking (Worm Screw, Press Cage, The Sterilizer Door
      • Packing, Repair/Recondition Sterilizer Door, Re-Meshing Vibrating Screen (20 ', 30 ', 40 '), Nozzle For Centrifuge, Rotor Bar, Ripple

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