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16 Mar 2023
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1 Meter

Specification of Festoon

    • Cable Festoon system can hold conductor cables and hoses (hydraulic and pneumatic applications) for delivering power & control 

      to mobile equipment in a safe, efficient and maintenance free method. 

      The C-track cable festoon system is one of the most versatile festooning techniques available. It is an all-purpose system suited

       for either indoor or outdoor use under a broad range of operating conditions in a mild environment condition.

      Accessories for C-Track:

      - C-track support bracket

      This bracket mounts to Cross Arm Support Channels at two points to hang the C-Track.  

      The clamping action of the support bracket eliminates the need for a separate anchor.

      -  C-track joint

      The bolted Track Joint securely connects track sections together end-to-end. 

      One required at each track joint. Includes four bolts, lock washers, and nuts. 

      - Tow cable trolley

      One Tow Trolley is required for each track run. The unit has an opening in the body to accommodate the Tow Bar. 

      Stainless steel trolleys have stainless steel body / saddle and stainless steel sealed rollers and hardware.

      - Cable trolley 

      A Cable Trolley is required for each flat cable loop between the End Clamp and Tow Trolley. Stainless steel 

      trolleys have stainless steel body/saddle and stainless steel sealed rollers and hardware.

      - End clamp 

      One End Clamp is required at the fixed end of the system. Includes clamp and hardware to secure the cable.

      - Quick disconnect control unit trolley

      Push Button Pendants working in tough industrial environments could  easily be damaged. Rewiring a replacement pendant adds downtime 

      and risk to personnel. The solution is the "Quick Disconnect" Pin Connector set, which is included with this style of Control Unit Trolley.

      - Track clip

      This clamp attaches Cross Arm Support Channels to the I-beam flange. Two required per Cross Arm Support Channel.

      - End cap

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